Tell Me a Riddle


Objective : Describing

Who is the greatest riddler of them all? Could it be you? Pick a card and roll the die to make your riddle. SSSSH! Don’t give away what’s on your card: you have to keep them guessing!

Tell Me a Riddle is designed to help children aged 3½ to 7 tell riddles. The five clue dice provide hints to help players describe the huge range of objects shown on the picture cards.

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  • Describing
  • 60 Picture cards
  • 5 Clue dice
  • Dice Guide card
  • Instructional Guide for parents
  • Rule sheet

Around age 3½, children begin to know more abstract words and develop the ability to use them to describe objects, animals, and people. For example, children can use the words "large," "gray," and "animal" when describing an elephant, even if they are not necessarily ready to tell a complex riddle.

Tell Me a Riddle is designed to ease children into this kind of complex description task. The game provides visual cues that help children both develop the content of the riddles and select hints to give. By picking a card, children can see the animal or the object that will be the answer to their riddle. This way, they don’t have to rely solely on their imagination. The dice present easy-to-understand pictograms that provide clues.

To ease into the activity and keep it enjoyable, all answers fall into the categories of words that children generally learn first: animals, food, household objects, clothing, and vehicles.

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