The Case of the Missing Carrots


Objective : “Why?” Questions

Something’s not right: the carrots have disappeared from the vegetable garden. Let’s find out why! Put on your detective’s hat and head to the garden to find the culprit. Get ready: You’ll have to answer plenty of questions along the way.

The Case of the Missing Carrots is designed to help children aged 3 to 5½ develop their understanding of “why” questions. Players use illustrated question-and-answer cards to self-check their answers, making learning a snap!

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  • “Why?” Questions
  • Game board made up of 7 puzzle pieces
  • 70 “Why?” question-and-answer cards
  • 14 Culprit cards
  • 4 Detective tokens
  • 1 die
  • Instructional Guide for parents
  • Rule sheet
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Rules of the Game

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By on  13 Feb. 2020 (The Case of the Missing Carrots) :

Very educational!

This is an excellent way of sitting down with your little ones and playing this game! The fun of rolling your dice, counting and in the end getting to see who took the missing carrot! Lots of fun! I highly recommend this game!