Seek & Find: Emotions

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Objectif : Identify emotions and their causes

Take a close look at a token or a card. What emotion do you see? Now find it in the scene. Can you tell who’s sad? Who’s afraid? Who’s happy? And can you explain why?

Seek & Find: Emotions is designed to help children aged 2 to 5 recognize the basic emotions —happiness, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust—in a range of different people. With this classic Seek & Find activity, kids also learn how various situations can elicit a whole range of emotions.

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At age 2½, children often need to be reminded of similar events in their own experience to better name the emotions associated with them. Seek & Find: Emotions teaches children to identify their emotions and associate them with situations by observing game characters in familiar situations.

Specifically, playing Seek & Find: Emotions helps children learn to name five emotions in a variety of ways. They can find characters in a scene (using the Emotion cards, which is an easier exercise), or use the colored "emoticon-style" faces (using Emotion tokens, a more difficult task). In both cases, children observe the body language that accompanies emotions (scrunched-up eyebrows for anger, smiling for joy, etc.).

The four different game boards represent scenes of daily life familiar to children (a birthday party, a supermarket, a swimming pool, and a playground); this allows us to observe the same five emotions in various contexts familiar to the child from personal experience. Children learn to associate different characters with different emotions and situations and to better understand the circumstances that elicit particular emotions.

  • Identify emotions and their causes
  • 4 scenes (2 doublesided game boards)
  • 10 Emotion tokens
  • 40 Emotion cards
  • 20 Object cards
  • Instructional Guide for parents
  • Rule sheet
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