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Placote games and tools were designed in 1996 by a school publishing house and is supported by experts in the field. These games and tools support families and help with everyone’s development, both children and parents alike.

About Placote
Local and eco-friendly
Made in Quebec

All our products are designed and manufactured in our Quebec City plant. We manufacture our games and tools using the most eco-friendly materials available and constantly try to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Family Fun
The key : parent-child interaction

Placote games and tools always give an important role to parents in order to maximize each product’s educational potential. Our products create learning opportunities as well as providing memorable moments of family fun.

What Sets Placote Apart

A Science-Based Educational Approach

Our team is supported by a scientific committee to create tailor-made games specifically designed to stimulate the key stages in each child’s development.

The Quality is in the Details

We pay constant attention to quality. That's why we offer sturdy boxes, puzzle piece game boards, premium laminated playing cards and a comprehensive explanatory guide.

Expert Content to Equip Parents

We explain the how and why behind our products’ design in addition to providing tips for parents. Our goal is to equip parents to give them confidence in their ability to help their child progress!

Tools for the Entire Family
Placote tools have been designed by our experts and collaborators in the field, and they make everyday life easier for families.
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Socio-Emotional Development
Discover our various games designed for recognizing, identifying and managing emotions.
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Socio-Emotional Development
Social Skills
Discover our various games designed specifically to help with developing social skills.
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What our customers think about us...

Placote games provide invaluable opportunities to connect with our children, whether you’re a parent, a teacher or any other person involved in supporting young people. You can enjoy the Placote collection with family, friends, at school or daycare; it’s always fun and educational at all times!

Geneviève L., Psychoeducator

We love playing board games at home, so we definitely wanted to pass on our love of board games to our 3-year-old son. Placote games are perfect, very-suitable and attractive to children. They’re a big hit with us!

Cindy, Mother of a 3 year old boy

There are so many learning opportunities provided by these games that I can't live without them. My children and I have beautiful moments of fun while learning as do the children with whom I work who have various challenges. Thank you for allowing us to raise our children by letting them be children. ♥️

Jade, Special Education Technician and mother of 3 girls

My 4-year-old and 6-year-old children love them because they work on several spheres of educational development for the little ones while being fun! I also used them in my work as a child educator to support certain themes over the year. I love the games simply because they’re well-made and easy-to-use!

Gyna, Mother of 2 children

Claire owns several Placote games and loves getting them as gifts. The whole family loves the sight of a Placote game as it means we’ll be having a good time together. These games are well-illustrated and meet the needs of an autistic child, while fostering their development. I'm really happy that I can use such a great tool developed by local professionals!

Marie-Ève, Mother of 3 children, including 1 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Awards and Recognition

  • Alpha-bêtes - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2023
  • Pourquoi les carottes ont-elles disparu? - Sceau Excellent (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2017
  • Cherche, trouve et découvre : les camions - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2023
  • Qui cherche quoi où? - Sceau Très bon (4 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2017
  • DÉgourdi - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2023
  • La tour des consignes - Sceau Très bon (4 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2018
  • Le code social - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2023
  • Histoire de raconter - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2022
  • DÉgueulasse! - Meilleur choix (5 étoiles) Protégez-Vous - 2022
  • Au lit ouistitis! - Meilleur choix Protégez-Vous (4 étoiles) - 2022
  • Sans problème - Meilleur choix Protégez-Vous - 2021
  • Potions mathématiques - Meilleur choix Protégez-Vous - 2021
  • Le tiroir à bobettes - Meilleur choix Protégez-Vous - 2021
  • Chasseurs en herbe - Meilleur choix Protégez-Vous - 2021
  • Who? What? Where? - Good Choice Seal (4 stars) Protégez-Vous - 2017
  • The Case of the Missing Carrots - Best Pick Seal (4 stars) Protégez-Vous - 2017